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So we've been a bit quiet on the blog front recently as we've been flat out organising the Rebels Ride-In Custom Show, road trips across Cali and planning what we're going to do next with the brand. 

So we have some updates for you... CAPS! everyone's asking, we've got some new samples coming in the next couple of days so before that summer suns gone we should be resupplied with some great new snap backs! 

We're listening to you too and are looking into denims and protective wear. It's not a case of IF it's WHEN. We need to find the right products for YOU, any old shit just doesn't cut it for us it needs to do exactly what it was bought for and that's PROTECTION and we've sampled some awful rubbish which just isn't good enough to give back to you. When we're ready and we have found the right products you'll be the first to know. 

In other news... we're currently restocked on King of Custom tees, Oni Patches, loads of new stickers and we still have a few of our limited Eagle print tees and hoodies.

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