Rebels Ride Luxury Bike Detailing Products

How to clean

Follow our 3 step guide to cleaning/detailing your bike with our latest Rebels Ride Luxury Bike Detailing Products - powered by Freshasfck.

3 Step Method for Matte / Denim Bikes

Make sure bike is not hot. Keep out of sunlight if you can. Rinse bike with hose pipe pointing down to take off road dirt.

Then use Rebel Ride Matte waterless wash /Detailer and degreaser, spray lightly over bike and then use wool / synthetic or microfiber cleaning mitt from top to down and use soft brushes for engine and wheels. 

Then use 2 bucket system with grit guards in and a new mitt. 1 bucket contains Rebel Ride ph neutral any bike shampoo the other clean water. use 1 to 2 cap fulls until a nice thick lather. Start at top of bike and work your way down and after each wash with mitt place in clean water. This traps any grit in that bucket with only water. Use soft brushes on engine and wheels. Then rinse whole bike and then use a drying towel over bike. Use Rebel Ride wheel cleaner spray on wheels and the agitate with brush and rinse off. Then use Plastic and rubber rejuvenation liquid if needed for indicators, faded plastic. Use yellow application sponge supplied and leave to dry. do not spill on tyres as this does contain silicon. Then use glass cleaner on mirrors and perspex fairing, wipe on then wipe off immediately.

On Gloss bikes (Gloss Tank and fenders). 

WASH. Make sure bike is cold to touch.
To Shampoo We Recommend all bike types PH neutral shampoo
Use 2 Buckets, Fill One With Shampoo And Water, And The Other Bucket With Fresh Water To Rinse With. Rinse The Vehicle Thoroughly To Remove Any Excess Dirt. Dunk Your Wash Mitt In The Shampoo Bucket And Start Off Cleaning The Top Of The Vehicle, Working Your Way Down The Bodywork. Do Not Let The Shampoo Dry On The Vehicle. Once Cleaned, Thoroughly Rinse The Vehicle Using The Clean Bucket Of Fresh Water Then Fully Dry The Car To Prevent Water Marks.

Clay Bar with our waterless detailing spray on you tank and fenders. This removes all contaminants and makes your tank and fender feel silky smooth on the back of you hand and the clay will glide freely over it as long as you keep tank and fenders wet with waterless wash. Break off a small piece of clay that you will be working with and shape it into a flat surface and work in small 20" x 20" sections. Mist the clay bar lube or detailing spray over your working area, so that every square inch is covered. Gently glide the clay bar over your working area using overlapping passes, going left to right or up and down.  I find side to side is better as not as much force is needed. Stubborn contamination can require a few attempts before its all absorbed by the clay.  You can tell when contamination is removed as the clay will slide effortlessly across the paint. Wipe off access clay and lube with a soft microfiber cloth. Continue until the whole car has been covered. 

Polish and SEAL

To Seal We Either Recommend Our 'Luxury Hard Wax Range' or Showroom Shine or both.
The Luxury Hard Caranuba Wax Range or Show Room Shine is applied by using the yellow Foam Applicator we supplied, Apply The Wax Thinly,  As The Thinner It Can Be Applied, The Better! Only Use Light Pressure In Linear Motions And Leave To Cure For 10-Minutes. Then Buff Off Using A Clean Microfiber Cloth. The Wax Can Be Layered Several Times If Required.