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Ace Cafe - Harley Night

Motorcycles, rock n’ roll and the Ace Cafe…Three simple expressions, but they represent perhaps the most powerful fusion, not only in yesterday's and today’s bike scene worldwide, but also in tomorrow’s. On a bike you can strike out, find new friends, feel the freedom and have a sense of independence

Inspired by rich heritage and traditions, the Ace Cafe still embodies the same values as it did when it was first home to the Ton Up Boys (and girls) and the Rockers. What could be found on a Triton in the 50’s and 60’s is emulated today on modern sports bikes and streetfighters. If you have visited the cafe, you will have seen lines of formidable machinery.

The Ace has an unparalleled and almost religious significance to an ever-increasing numbers of riders from around the world who share the passion. The bikes and the music may change but the spirit remains the same, so don’t just sit there, rev high and join in the myriad of meets and rides that take place throughout the year. 

Later Event: October 31